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Savour the best of world cuisine at Marriott Around the World

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By Tarry

Hola my lovelies

How have you been? I know that you may feel I am taking long breaks between my posts. Actually, the last week has not been great in terms of health. First I had a minor injury below my left eye which left me in pain and then, even as I write this, I have fever L

Anyways, no worries. Last week, Hotel Renaissance Marriott Lucknow celebrated its second anniversary in the city. Must say, ever since Marriott entered Lucknow, it has changed the hospitality industry in the city of nawabs. Their dining facilities are really amazing, specially L-14 all day dining. And to commemorate the occasion, they have organized a food promotion titled “Marriott Around the World”

What makes this food festival special and a must try this weekend is that it has 8 different stations that bring you the best of world cuisine. So from Italian to Moroccan to Japanese to Indian Street to Awadhi, you will find everything that you wish to try and satiate your taste buds with. I had a chance to enjoy the fest with my bestie too and believe me people, each and every station is worth a try.

Presenting my deets on

Marriott Around The World

The food festival seems just the best way to celebrate the spirit of Marriott that travels across the globe through its different properties. And Executive Sous Chef Balvinder Lubana and his team have beautifully curated some of the most loves recipes from some of their finest properties to give Lucknowites a truly global culinary experience. Read on to know about each of the stations –

We started with the Japanese Sushi. Apart from the famous salmon and prawn nigri, there were vegetarian options like Vegetable makimono and Vegetable temaki. Must try, especially since India now is witnessing more Japanese presence.

My favourite, this one is a delight for all street food lovers. Perfect flavours and crispiness, this is definitely something not to be missed. Try from dishes like Pani Puri, Bhel,Ragda Patice, Sev Puri, Samosa Chaat, Kachori Chaat and Dahi Puri.

Another favourite of mine, with pasta varieties like Penne, spaghetti, macaroni, tortellini, ravioli, tagliatelle and sauces like Neapolitan, Alfredo, Pesto, Aglio Olio, Arrabiata and Puttanesca.

Now this was a delight for me. Rarely does one get good Mongolian food that tastes yum. Take your pick from Assorted vegetables, noodle, rice, hot garlic sauce, Soya sauce, and black bean sauce.

This has 5 non veg and 8 vegetarian options for all.

This is really interesting. Try the freshly made Nachos along with tomato salsa, pineapple salsa, sour cream, cheese dip or the super amazing bell pepper salsa.

Best of Indian food. This one has 4 veg and 4 non veg salads, dahi bhalla, masala lacha, Tandoori kukad, tawa machchhi, Kadhai gosht, chicken curry, gosht biryani, Chicken in black bean, sea food marinara, lamb shepherd’s pie.


A mix of vegetarian dishes from across the globe. This one offers Hot garlic noodles, Mushroom Fried Rice, stir fried vegetables, Angara paneer tikka, Lasagne, vegetable seek kebab, Potato au gratin, vegetable caponata, Palak kofta curry, Paneer Butter Masala, Hing Jeera Ke Aloo, Dal tadka, dal makhani, tawa sabz, Subz biryani and steam rice.

This was my and my bestie’s favourite. While I enjoyed Chocolate truffle pastry and Tiramisu, he enjoyed the Gulkand Kala Jamun and Kulfi. Other items include baked yoghurt, fruit custard, mahalabia fresh fruit and more.

Chef Abhijeet and me with Kulfi. He has joined team kitchen as chef de cuisine. 

Ambience – 5/5
Food – 4.9/5
Value for Money – 4.8/5

The fest is on till 17 September and the elaborate spread costs INR 1350 plus taxes. Do check my instagram feed for some more pix and also, Meet the chef. 

All clicks by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti

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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Bblunt Salon Secret High Shine Hair Colour Mini Pack In Mahogany 4.56

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By Tarry

Hola my beauties…

By now almost all of you (the regular readers and pals I mean) know that I love colouring my hair. Be it highlights, ombre or global, I have tried it all. And the BBLunt Salon Secret hair colour has been my favourite off late. The no ammonia shine formula is simply amazing.
I have already reviewed one of my favourite shades from the range Wine, here. And trust me, it is my all time favourite and super economical as well. Recently, BBLunt launched the mini packs which are priced at just INR 89. What! Yes people. For just 89 rs only. I chose the colour Mahogany which is a reddish brown and looks most natural on my hair.

Presenting my deets on

Bblunt Salon Secret High Shine Hair Colour Mini Pack In Mahogany 4.56

What the brand claims
3-part hair colour with a unique Shine Tonic that gives you salon-like gorgeous hair at home.
Contains no ammonia.
The rich colour provides 100% grey coverage enriched with Silk Proteins, the colour makes your hair smooth after colouring.

INR 89  (indeed a budget product) for 40 gms of product (developer and cream) and 2 ml of shine serum. The pack also contains a pair of gloves which none of the hair colours under INR 100 are giving so far. So indeed a perfect pack.

You can find it anywhere very easily. Grocery stores, Malls, online on Check their website for details.

On the Outside
I love the packaging. A nice blue metal glossy packaging that has a model’s face on the front depicting the hair colour and all the details on all the sides. No details have actually been left, including the brand’s thought. Inside, you can see a paper case to firmly hold the tubes of developer, colourant, shine tonic and a pair of gloves alongwith the instruction manual. All the products are in a squeezy tube, while the shine serum comes in a sachet, which is good since it gives control over the quantity and you can use the entire contents. Good packaging indeed. Loved it.

 On the Inside
I had really high hopes with this colour as it comes from BBlunt. And I must say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. The developer and the colourant are in a paste like form, no drip formula. The shine tonic is a clear liquid like glycerin. When mixed together, they are really easy to apply and don’t drip at all. I kept the colour for 45 minutes (the red based colours Wine and Mahogany are to be kept for 45 minutes, while the remaining for 30 minutes).
When I washed it off after 45 minutes, I was astonished at the results. Unlike the other hair colours which leave my hair dry without conditioner, this one did not. I washed my hair with a colour pro shampoo and conditioner. And my hair was really soft.
Now since I have medium length hair (Upper waist), the mini pack was good to cover my roots and give the crown a nice hue and shine. The mini pack is perfect if you have short hair, or if you want to mix two colours to create a third one. Like mixing Light brown with wine to give a soft red hair look, or Blue Black with Deep Burgundy for a Plum hair look. I love to add different colours on the crown and at the bottom for a nice, soft ombre look.

"I have loved the BBLunt Regular pack earlier and it is one of the best hair colours I have tried so far. The Bblunt Salon Secret High Shine Hair Colour is an amazing product. And the shine tonic does add a lot of shine to the hair. The mini pack gives you so many different options to have fun and enjoy some amazing hair colour experiences without burning a hole in the pocket. If you are new to colouring, try the Mini pack and I promise you will go to the Regular pack soon.”

#product provided by brand. Review is honest and completely true, without any biases.

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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Because everyday is a memory ft Meraki

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By Tarry

“This search for what you want is like tracking something
that doesn't want to be tracked. It takes time to get a dance right,
to create something memorable…”­-

Fred Astaire

Hola my lovelies, 

I know most of you have been writing to me as to where I am and why the blog wasn't being updated. There were some technical snags with posting because of which I could not post for a while :( But now, everything is sorted and I am back in action... :-)

It's been a long time since I did any OOTD posts. Although I wanted to do many, but some how didn't feel inspired enough to go ahead. I always want to showcase something that is for women who defy the much hyped norms related to body size and figure. I am a curvy girl and I am proud of it. So whatever comes here should be for more of the proud women like me. 

I recently came across this fabulous brand called Meraki a Creative Soul on Instagram. The name was quite intriguing enough and a look on their page got me hooked. Unlike many other sellers, Meraki doesn't sell stuff in bulk which means each piece comes with a exclusivity. The brand, run by two awesome women, sources their material directly from the weavers and focuses on traditional designs like Kalamkari, Ikat, Chanderi, Benarasi, Handblock and more. What more, it caters majorly to a handloom lover like me who feels the indian loom designs are the best. To top it all, Meraki's packaging is also awesome. Instead of using polybags, they send the stuff in bags made from pure cotton which are recyclable. 
What a beautiful thought even for smallest of details :-)

I chose some lovely pieces from their collection which I decided to style for some everyday and some festive looks. 

Presenting the everyday look, 

Because everyday is a memory ft Meraki


If you love prints like Kalamkari, Ikat and block print, you must check out Meraki A Creative Soul. They have a fabulous collection which is beautiful and perfect for monsoon changing to autumn weather. The breeze is turning a bit cooler, however it does get a bit humid at times and in such weather, cotton is just perfect. 
I wanted to do a simple everyday look that one can sport any where... to college, to office, for running errands, going to kids school, a meetup with friends, coffee date, evening out... whatever. For someone who doesn't want to sport westerns but feels the most comfortable in fusion wear. 
And for this, I chose a black base kalamkari print Palazzo from Meraki. Made from pure cotton, these Palazzos have a nice flair which makes them super comfortable even if you get drenched. They are soft and dyed with natural colours making the fabric quite eco friendly too.
I teamed the palazzos with a solid black cotton kurta with roll up sleeves. For accessories, since I wanted to keep it simple, I just wore black wedges, a simple watch, a small ring and oxidised earrings. The palazzo pants were so beautiful that they did not require any more accessories. See the photos below for more.

One can team these palazzos even with short top in yellow, white, black or mustard. You can go dressy for the accessories too since the design is subtle and allows you to play. 

I kept my hair open as I love the breeze playing with my hair. For makeup, I kept my eyes simple with just my favourite winged liner and on lips, it was my new favourite, Colourpop Ultra Matte in Tulle. 

 I am absolutely in love with these Palazzo pants and they are not just comfy, but super affordable too. Do check out Meraki's collection from their Instagram page and I am sure you would not at one.
P.S - one more look coming soon :-)

Clicked by : Mohammad Naeem Chishti

Kalamkari Palazzo Flared Bottoms - Meraki A Creative Soul (check their store here)
Kurta - FBB
Wedges - Head over Heels by Westside
Swan Earrings - Instagram store Twinkle for all (check my instagram for details)

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Friday, 4 August 2017

Best Carrier Oils for using Essential Oils

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By Tarry

Hola lovelies,

Thanks for showering love on the Essentially Aromatherapy series. Some of you wrote to me how these posts are helping you and I feel truly blessed.

As promised, here is the third part of the series, where I am writing about some carrier oils which are my favourite. Although there are many and sweet almond and olive work almost with every essential oil, yet here I am talking about carrier oils which are beneficial in themselves and adding essential oils only makes them even better.

Presenting my deets on
Best Carrier Oils for using Essential Oils

I have been using carrier oils from different brands and will be talking about brands which I have been loving. These brands are easily available online so there isn’t an issue with getting them in your hands to any city.
Here is my list of carrier oils and some blends which you can try.

Apricot Oil– This is one of the oils which I love. Although it has a raw, woody smell, yet love this carrier oil from Junaili a lot. In itself, it is an amazing hand and body oil and when added with essential oils, it works superbly. Best oils to blend with this are geranium, lavender, juniper berry and rosemary. You can read the complete review here. Buy online from here.

Jojoba Oil– This is one oil that is also called the magical elixir, reason being it has so many uses. Jojoba Oil works amazingly well for removing waterproof makeup. Yes! That stubborn waterproof mascara too. It is amazing for hair, specially super frizzy hair. Works best with essential oils like Lemongrass, Rosemary, Grapefruit, Lavender, Neroli and YlangYlang. Buy here.

Grapeseedoil – Often people confuse it with Grapefruit oil. This works awesome as a carrier oil specially for oily and acne prone skin since grapeseed oil is known for its astringent and toning qualities. Mix it with oils like Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lavender, Myrhh or Patchouli to make your own Oil skin serum that helps in toning and also, controlling excess serum. Buy here

Avocado oil – One of the most perfect carrier oils for hair. Just like the avocado fruit, the Avocado oil immensely works wonders for dry or damaged hair, and also coloured hair. Mix with Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Chamomile or Clary Sage Oil to make a hair mask perfect for coloured hair or dry, frizz prone hair and see your mane cascading away to beauty. Buy it here.

I love the carrier oils from both these brands. While Junaili’s Apricot Oil is simply the best and the purest I have tried so far, Nature’s Absolute also has a good collection. Pick a carrier oil according to your requirement, skin and hair type and enjoy the love of aromatherapy… Stay blessed…

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

This designer fuses traditional with modern to create gorgeous attire

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By Tarry

Hi my beautiful people, 

I am back with my favourite column on the blog .... O Womaniya. 

Seriously, I will not fail to admit that I am in absolute love with this column. It makes me feel so proud of the women I have featured here. In their own special way, they have carved a niche for themselves and brought small, but significant changes in many lives. The change may be through fashion or through anything else, but it is visible. 

Today's edition of OWomaniya features a designer from Lucknow, who may not have a typical designer's background or style, yet she has creativity in her roots. And it is these roots which make Shikha Suri, the woman behind the label Carnations, so amazing. Fusing traditional styles with modern, Shikha creates designs that are just the best for any Indian woman. Read on... 

This designer fuses traditional with modern to create gorgeous attire 

The designer Shikha Suri in one of her favourite creations fusing Kalamkari with modern cuts

Tell us a bit about yourself
“I am a "going to be 40" creative enthusiast who likes to try out creating new stuff. A Master's in Clinical Psychology and Counselling, I belong to the city of temples- Bhubaneswar. Working with colors, using different materials to create something new has always appealed me. I have inherited this creative bend of mind from my father.”

How did Carnations happen? And how did the name come in?
“With my girl beginning to go to school, I had ample time which I wished to utilize. However, I wasnot keen on a full time job as that would have left family and home unattended. The work where I could use my creativity to its best, earn from it and at the same time manage home with ease was something I wanted and my boutique was just the way. My sister suggested the name Carnations, a flower that signifies freshness, luck, love and glory. We thought it would be just right as the first range was about introducing fresh patterns, designed with love and would bring luck and glory.”

Driven with the concept and philosophy of presenting exclusive designs, what does Carnations offer? How are the products created?
“The USP of Carnations has been- one pattern/ print in a single color for each dress. Till date there has been no repetition. The basic idea was exclusivity even if is a simple office wear or casual kurti or a tunic. At Carnations, every piece is as unique as you, the wearer.”

How has your journey been so far?
The journey so far has been a thorough learning experience. When you offer something to the masses,you need to first be open to learn, understand their requirement, in order to serve them right as per their choice. Since I was new to Lucknow, I had no clue of the dressing sense and style ladies carried
here. However, holding exhibitions helped me cater a vast section... from upper middle to elite class, from Punjabi's to Sindhi's, Agarwal's to Thakurs, Muslims to Christians.

What has been the happiest and most memorable moment in your journey with Carnations so far?
The happiest and the most memorable moment has been the 3rd year celebration of Carnations. Almost all my clients had dropped in for the party to wish me and celebrate my hard work. I felt blessed and swelled with pride as each one of them wrote a wish note for me. It was not just money, but love and relations that I had earned all this while.

Did you ever face any challenges in this journey? How did you manage to overcome them?
Everyone goes through challenges, I went met some too. But I’m thankful to my husband who has always being by my side and helped me overcome any obstacle. I had to go on and on, no matter what and probably this thought itself help me sail through any harsh circumstances.

What are your future plans for your venture of passion ?
My Ikat and Kalamkari collection was much loved and awesome for summers and monsoons. I am currently working on designing an all silk and velvet collection for the upcoming winters. Using gottapatti, zardozi and resham, the ethnic pieces are being designed for light to heavy parties. Apart from this an exclusive collection of only whites and blacks is in making too. Coming up is also Colorblock collection with kurtas, tunics and more.

True to her roots, Shikha Suri has been filling in ethnic colours in the lives of women who love her dresses. Fusing traditional with modern, she creates a style that perfect for the Indian woman. One can get in touch with Carnations on Facebook here or also through their instagram page here 

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