Thursday, 25 May 2017

Rangeelo Rajasthan ka zaika at Sepia at Renaissance

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By Tarry

Hola lovelies…

What comes to your mind when you think of Rajasthan ? Sand dunes, the royal palaces, the Mewari architectures, stories of bravery, music, colourful dresses and ofcourse, food. Infact I strongly feel that food, or rather cuisine, plays a significant role in discovering a place.
During my childhood, I have had innumerable visits to the land of Rajputanas with my father having loads of friends there. So much that Rajasthan was one of our favourite winter holiday destinations. So I have had a fair share of strong, super spicy Rajasthani food.
Renaissance, one of the two properties of Marriott in Lucknow, has organized a Rajasthani food festival called Rangeelo Rajasthan at its dinner time restaurant, Sepia. And to keep the rajasthani flavours authentic, Chef Anwar has been specially flown in from The Westin, Pushkar. The festival, according to Executive Sous Chef Balvinder Lubana, brings authentic Marwari cuisine fused with Lakhnawi taste buds to give an awesome experience.

Presenting my deets on

Rangeelo Rajasthan ka zaika at Sepia at Renaissance

Rajasthani cuisine is one of the spiciest cuisines in India. A mix of Mewari, Shekhawati and Rajputana styles of cooking, it combines raw spices with simple food ingredients. Chef Anwar has managed to keep the chilly index low, but the flavours have certainly been kept intact.

Now over to the food.


Methi Chaman – These are simple cottage cheese dumplings flavoured with fenugreek. Amazing. A must for vegetarians indeed. 

Thar ke papad – Another Rajasthani delight. Dal Papads rolled and filled with stuffing to give a nice and twisty taste. Do try this.

Murgh Tikka Banjara – I am a chicken lover and this indeed was my favourite. Chicken tikkas marinated in a paste of brown onions and brown cashew…. Wow. The taste certainly awakens the nomad in you.

Main course

Lal Maans – How can Rajasthani food be complete without the staple Lal Maans? Lamb pieces cooked in the hot Rajasthani Mathaniya chilli and curd, smoked with garlic…. Man! This is sinful indeed. It is red, its hot and it’s spicy…. But you cannot ignore it.

Murgh Shekhawati – A royal dish indeed. Chicken cooked in Buttermilk and cashewnut… rich and full of flavours. Must try.

Paneer Mirch Masala – My favourite paneer dish for sure and Chef Anwar, you get extra marks for this one. Spicy paneer cooked in a tangy, slightly sweet tomato gravy…. Awesome…

Ker sangri – A rajasthani staple. Ker is a bean like vegetable which is cooked in light spices and mustard oil to give a crunchy, smokey feeling. Loved it.

Dal Kalbelia with Baati Choorma – Black urad dal with Rajasthani staple Baati and Choorma.


Ghewar Cheese Cake – A classic meets modern case. Ghewar is traditional rajasthani sweet made specially during monsoons. Top it with light and fluffy cheese cake and you have a winner. Kudos chef Anwar.

 Malpua  Rabdi – For those who cannot miss their super sweet dessert, desi style. A killer combination of sugary malpua with milky rabdi.

Food-o-meter rating – 4.9 of 5

Mark the dates : 19 May 2017 to 28 May 2017, 7.30 p.m. dinner time onwards.
Venue : Sepia at Renaissance Lucknow

photographs by – M Naeem Chishti

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Chocolicious lips will now be yours with Aroma Essentials Chocolate Lip gloss

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By Tarry

Hello my dear lovelies…

Those who are regular on my blog know my love for this Indie bran called Aroma Essentials. I am absolutely in love with Madhu's handmade creations and believe me, they are actually doing wonders for my skin and hair. If you still haven't tried them so far, better do it soon. :-)
I always keep scouting through their facebook page to check about new products. And when Madhu announced a chocolate lip gloss, I had to try it. Lip gloss, all natural and that too in chocolate flavour.... man! how could I keep myself away from it. 

So in my last haul, I got the chocolate lip gloss. And its not just my favourite. My 4 year old niece loves it too. Since it is completely natural, I don't stop her from trying it. Now, as I am half way through it, I can easily write about my HG gloss. 

Presenting my deets on

Aroma Essentials Choco lip gloss 

INR 250

Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials. Do connect there because the brand’s creator, Madhurima, makes it a point to customize products according skin type and need.

On the Outside
This is a super cute packaging. The choco lip gloss comes in a transparent tube like the lip balms with a screw open cap. The transparent tube ensures that you can see the beautiful looking gloss. There are tiny sparkle like thing which is not visible when you apply it. There is a roller ball on the top which helps in application of gloss and works fine. 

On the Inside
WO! this is absolutely sinful. The moment you unscrew the cap, you get an exotic whiff of pure chocolate. So much that you cannot control yourself. Apply this awesome lip gloss and what you get is are well moisturised, glossy lips. The gloss is not at all sticky and you can actually taste it. The smell stays pretty long and makes you feel so nice about yourself. The gloss is quite moisturing too. It works awesome as a lip balm itself. And like all glosses, it doesn't stay long. But you won't mind reapplying the gloss. This is my HG gloss and works awesome just like it and even over the mattest of matte lipsticks. 

This is one gloss you must try. Whether you love glosses or not, replace your regular lip balm with it. The gloss not only makes your lips super awesome, but also plumps them up. If you want those Kylie Jenner kind of lips, do try this out.... Loved it.  

PEL Rating

5 on 5.

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Enjoy amazing delicacies from Dilli6 at Renaissance

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By Tarry

In dinon garche dakkan mai hai badi qadr-e-sukhan...

Kaun Jaye “Zauq” par Dilli ki galiyan chhod kar”

Hola lovelies…

This couplet by famous Delhi poet Zauq is truly the essence of Delhi. A city that comprises of the best of all cultures, Delhi is not just a place but a lifestyle. And once you get the feel of Delhi, you can never take it out of you.

Most of you may not know but I am a Delhite. I was born and brought up in the beautiful city and it is an integral part of me. Whether it is the Nayi Dilli or Purani Dilli, for me it's Delhi and Delhi in one piece. So recently, when I got a chance to grab a bite of some Delhi delicacies, I was super joyed. After all, it was a chance for me to go back in time and enjoy some culinary delights from the culinary capital of India... Meri Dilli.

Presenting my  deets on
Dilli6 Ka Zaika at L-14 at Renaissance Marriott

Delhi cuisine is a mix of several cuisines from across the country. Different cultures have contributed extensively to the cuisine of Delhi and that is very evident in the food too. The man behind this amaing fest, Chef Balvinder Lubana, tells us that in this fest, one not only gets to enjoy the food from the walled city area, but also new Delhi. Places which have become a landmark find a mention in the fest too.
Now over to the food.

Gol Guppe and Paapdi Chaat- A mention of Delhi food is incomplete without its street food. And Gol Guppa and Paapdi are the perfect representations of Delhi Street Food. The Paapdi Chaat has been rechristened as Paapdi Timble with a three layer effect for some amazing start off.

Katori Chaat - Younger sibling of Lucknow ki basket chaat, this is equally enticing. Bylanes of Chandni Chowk area are famous for Katori chaat, where an edible potato bowl is filled with yummy chaat and chutneys. Delhi flavour has been kept intact here by Team L-14. Thumbsup for this.

Samosa Cocktail - The mention of street food is totally incomplete without the mention of Samosa. Chef Balvinder adds his twist to the famous dish by putting a small squeeze tube with chutney. Squeeze the chutney into crumbled samosa and enjoy this chaat. Awesome....

Bao - Anyone who has studied in the North Campus of Delhi University is well aware of Manju Ka Tila area. Also called Mini Tibet, it is a hub for those who want to savour some Tibetan delicacies. The Tibetan Steamed Bun or Bao makes a presence here in the fest too, in veg and non veg versions, with Thupka soup. Do try it if you like Asian cuisine.

Amritsari Bharwan Kulche - Punjabis dominate Delhi culture a lot, and so does their food. The stuffed kulchas, alongwith tangy chutney, is the perfect way to enjoy the simple, yet sumptuous food from Punjab. Delicious.

Parantha -  Unlike the regular ones, the paranthas from Paranthe Wali Gali in Old Delhi are deep fried. Filled with veggies or even non veg at times, they are a foodies delight. Here, they are accompanied by Mint Chutney and Curd... truly Dilli ishtyle.

Rajma Chawal with achar - Rajma Chawal (kidney beans and rice) are a staple for Delh. In fact, you can find scores of outlets selling rajma chawal, chhole chawal or palak paneer chawal. Chef has added achar (pickle) to give it a homely feeling, and yes, the pickle has been made by the team using the home cook way.

Tangri Chicken Kebab - If one talks about Delhi food, how can one forget the famous Tangri Chicken Kebab of Gulati's at Pandara Road. The famous dish is recreated here too, and served fresh in style in a mini tandoor. Superbly awesome.

The fest also boasts of some awesome desserts and live ice cream and dessert counter.

Rice Kheer - Rice Pudding with loads of Nuts, prepared the authentic delhi way. Loved it.

Mirchi Ka Halwa - Now this came as a surprise. One cannot associate chillies with pudding. But this is truly a masterpiece.

Ras Malai - One of the most famous milk based sweets. You can find ras malai at almost all sweet shops in Delhi. And this one... is definitely a must try.

And here is a click of Chef Balvinder making an ice cream within minutes at the live counter using liquid nitrogen. And another is a click of the master craftsman with moi... :-)

Mark the dates : 5 May 2017 to 14 May 2017, 7.30 p.m. dinner time onwards.
Venue : L-14 at Renaissance Lucknow

Text and photographs - Tarannum Manjul

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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Smooth, frizz free hair with Matrix Biolage Smoothening Serum

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By Tarry

Hola my lovelies,



Indian summers are not just hot, they are dry too. And they play a major havoc with our skin and hair. Those who have been regular here are well aware of my dry, frizzy hair. And believe me guys, summers are not good for them at all.

I am on a constant and eternal search for products which make my hair manageable and help them fight frizz in summers. And with experience, I have realised that nothing can beat the efficiency of a good hair serum….

So yes, now you all know that today’s review product is a hair serum. This has been a saviour for me (apart from another favourite one) especially in summers.

Presenting my deets on

Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothening Serum


INR 295 for 100 ml


Easily available in stores and ecommerce sites like Amazon and Nykaa. Check online for offers.

On the outside

This serum is like ‘Old wine in a new bottle’. Matrix has some of the best haircare products and this serum is one of their top rated product. The serum was earlier in a transparent bottle and now, comes in a repackaged form. The serum is a clear liquid which comes in a deep sunshine yellow translucent bottle. The cap is flip open and the bottle is quite travel friendly.

On the Inside

Matrix seems to have improved the formulation of their serum. The new formulation is runnier liquid, and the fragrance has really improved. The new improved formulation makes the hair quite smooth and frizz free, but the effect lasts only for a day. Also, one needs to be careful about the quantity as excess can make your hair feel oily. But as a budget product, this is indeed a good buy.  


The Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothening Serum has been a favourite with many and the new improved formulation will win many fans too. However, one thing that is a con for me is the presence of a number of chemicals, which almost all serums available in the market have. But this is a good product indeed and falls in budget as little goes a long way.

PEL Rating

4 out of 5

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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Go back in gastronimic history with Kakori Food Festival season 2 at Sepia at Renaissance

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By Tarry

Hola lovelies… Kaise hain janaab...

What comes to your mind when you think about Kakori? Well, this quaint little town, situated on the outskirts of Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, has one of the most significant chapters of Indian freedom struggle. Remember the famous Kakori train dacoity? Google if you want to know more...
Anyways, foodies across India would be delighted to know that this little town is also famous for its cuisine... the kakori cuisine. The cuisine, a part of the Awadhi cuisine, has much more beyond the famous kakori kebabs, even vegetarian... :-)
After it's first successful Kakori food festival last year, Sepia at Renaissance Marriott in Lucknow is back with season 2. Chef Mohsin Qureshi, the Awadhi specialist of Marriott and one of the best chefs of the city, has brought some amazing culinary delights out from the lanes of Kakori to the tables of this beautiful restaurant. Your's truly got a chance to enjoy some savoury delights and here's what I would narrate about it.

Presenting my  deets on
Kakori Food Festival season 2 at Sepia at Renaissance

Before you think that the fest is only for non vegetarians, lemme just tell you that this one has an array of vegetarian delights too. So whether you love veg or non-veg, you can enjoy this fest for sure. Chef Mohsin makes it a point to ensure that the multi layered cuisine gets well featured in the fest.
One of the most interesting feature of the dishes presented in this fest is that most of them have kachchha aam (raw mango) as one of the key ingredients. Kakori is also a part of UP's mango belt, hence this royal fruit had to find a mention, Chef Mohsin tells us.
Now over to the food.

Murgh Gola Kebab - An amazing variety of minced meat rolls. This one has raw mango and mint leaves mixed in minced chicken and is made on coal fire. A must try for chicken lovers.

Magahi Paan Jheenga - Something for the prawn lovers. This one, dedicated to the magahi paan (beetel leaf) has a smoked paan flavour to the prawns.

Moradabadi Paneer Tikka - This one is an ode to Indian railways too. The dish has been named after the direct train between Kakori and Moradabad and is a must have for vegetarians.

Saharanpur 8 down Chicken - Another ode to the railways, this one is a tribute to the train of the same name. The chicken has some Saharanpuri touch to it in flavours too.

Magahi Paan Aloo - A vegetarians delight, the humble potato with a paan wala twist.

Bharwaan Gud ka Karela -  Bitter Gourd filled with a gravy made from jaggery (gud). Veggie lovers, do try this one for sure.

Palak Murgh - A chicken dish with a spinach dominant gravy, super high on proteins, iron and ofcourse, flavour.

Chukandar Gosht - Mutton in beetroot gravy, in an amazing marsala red colour. This one is surely iron overdose  :-)

Khatti Daal - Chane ki daal cooked with raw mango for a tangy flavour, in true Kakori style.

Apart from this, desserts include Aam ka tukda, which is a mango flavoured variant of Shahi tukda, Zarda and Khoye ki Kheer. In drinks, Aam ka Panna (raw mango cooked with spices and boiled in water for a tangy drink) is a perfect accompaniment. We however tried the Virgin Mohito for some twist.

Here are some clicks of a happy me with Chef Mohsin and the master craftsman himself... all smiles.

Mark the dates : 21th April to 30th April, dinner time.
Venue : Sepia at Renaissance Lucknow

Text : Tarannum Manjul 
Photos : Mohammad Naeem Chishti 

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