Tuesday, 23 August 2016

New kid on the eccommerce block, Aplava.com is all about customisation

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By Tarry                                                                                
Hello my lovelies.... 

How are you all doing today... August is turning out to be a month with some extra days off in the middle of the week too.... I really enjoy such months as these mid-week breaks are so awesome to catch up on so many things.... hain na.. 

Amidst all this, I have been shopping online a lot. Majorly because I am hardly finding any time to go to physical stores. And I landed onto this new eCommerce site called Aplava.com. Now the name was intriguing enough and tio top it all, they have a customised system where you fill in your details and they suggest you products. They have some amazing brands like Bodyography, Vana Vidhi, Skin Yoga in their list, which excited me and lo and behold... I shopped again... 

Presenting my deets on  

Aplava.com new beauty and personal care store

 About the website 
Aplava.com is a new kid on the ecommerce bandwagon, but unlike all others, it has some amazing names which make it really promising. Where else will you find Kronokare, Vana Vidhi, The Natures Co, Skin Yoga together. Also, a popular US makeup brand Bodyography, which makes good base makeup and tools. Apart from that, all your regular brands like Maybelline and Olay also feature on Aplava. I must say I am pretty impressed with the brands. Also, the best feature about Aplava.com is the customised products details. All you need to do is to fill in your details and your concerns and they will give customised suggestions to you for buying products. This definitely saves time. 

What I shopped 
I did try the customised system when I was looking for a good concealer, which does a decent job. And the site suggested me Bodyography. Now I had read a lot of reviews about this brand on various blogs and was sure I wanna try it. So amongst all other things I ordered this also. All my stuff came in 4 days which is like fine. It was all securely bubble wrapped in a decent box, which was sturdy. Good packaging.  

And this is what I got. 

Maybelline The Falsies Mascara Waterproof : A favourite with me and this was on sale. So had to grab it. 
Bodyography Skin Perfecter Concealer : I have tried this thrice. It is a little expensive but a little goes a really long way. Do comment if you guys wanna see its review. 
Coloressence Lip pencil : A nice maroon shade for those plummy lip colours. Decent for the price it came for. 
Olay Age protect anti ageing cream : This one is for my mom. She loves it for everyday use. 

Kronokare Provencal Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner : Read mixed reviews on it but on my hair, they work wonders... Anyone needs second opinion? 

Aplava.com is a new eccommerce site selling makeup and personal care products. Its amazing brand collection and personalisation method makes it unique and makes shopping such a pleasing experience. If you are looking to try the indie brands like Vana Vidhi or Skin Yoga or Kronokare, or brands like Bodyography, do check Aplava.com for sure. Highly recommended. 

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Add a lot more charm to your life with Pink Hippo Store's 'Charm Box'

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By Tarry                                                                                
Hello pretty people ... 

Ummmm..... i think I have a writers block at the moment.... Thoughts just elude me at the moment. But then, as I started writing this piece, I felt some kind of an inspiration coming in. Maybe, it was the charm of the product I am reviewing today.... :-) 

Some of you are aware that I am facing a bit tough time at the moment and seriously I need all the luck I can. Recently, I got a  chance to connect to this awesome online jewelry and accessories store called the Pink Hippo Store. They offered to send me their charm box, which contains assorted charms that you can use. As a teenager, I was always fascinated with charms and during my college, almost everything I carried had a charm. So when I got a chance to enjoy some charms again, I thought 'Why not'.... :-) 

Will talk about what the Charm Club Box is later in this post... A week back I received my 'Try-and-Buy' charm box and I was totally amazed with the contents. Somehow, someone up there heard me.... because the box contained loads of good luck charms. Just what I needed... 

Presenting my deets on  

Pink Hippo Store's 'Charm Box'

INR 399 onwards ... They have different boxes to fit your budget and mood. 

Online through their website and also their instagram page. 

On the Outside
The Charm Box from Pink Hippo Store is a simple hard paper box. It comes wrapped in colourful kite paper and pink bubble wrap. Inside, the box is lovely and sturdy. The box contains 6 charms in metal, in silver and gold colours. Apart from the charms, you also get cards giving details of the products and the charms. Each charm is beautifully packed individually, which keeps them safe. Love the packing.  
On the Inside 
I was sent the July charm box, which had good luck charms. Each month, there is a theme where you get an assortment of charms. You can view the details of the monthly charm box on their website. Apart from the charm box, you can also select individual pieces and buy them. These charms can be used awesomely in pendants, mobile strings, neckpieces, bracelets and key chains. Will be sharing some D-i-Ys on my instagram soon. Do follow me there. And here is a look at the charms I got.... 

The wishing lamp : Oh I felt like Aladdin here. This is super cute silver charm. Wish the genie would have come when I rubbed it ;-) 

The Horse Shoe : We all know that the horse shoe is considered to bring in luck. This has some lovely stones in it and looks very cool. 

The money bag : Oh I need this... a lovely golden charm that looks so damn awesome. It has small engravings which look so classy. 

The elephant : Another good luck symbol. Elephants are said to bring prosperity. This golden charm looks super cute and has awesome finish. 

The four petal flower : A good luck symbol, this one is in silver and has gorgeous finish. It looks very elegant and can be worn in itself as a pendant. 

The copper rose : My favourite from the lot. A very finely crafted piece, it looks beautiful and delicate. Want to do so many things with this one.... 

The Charm Box from the Pink Hippo Store is really an innovative idea. It has such awesome charms which you can use anywhere. And for the price, the quality of the products is really amazing. The whole new concept of a charm box certainly makes pink hippo stand apart from other subscription boxes. If you want to add a bit more jazz to your life without going overboard, check them out for sure. Highly recommended. 


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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Nawabi city's gets a Drinks ka Adda as Cappuchino Blast opens its bar

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By Tarry

Heya friendly people.... 

So how did you guys celebrate Independence Day? Did you sport something tricolour to show your patriotism?  Well, as a matter of fact, I didn't. I strongly feel that one day is not enough to show your love for your country. Each day is important and each day is relevant. Do your bit for your country and love it every minute... What say!! 

Anyways, coming to this post.... You all must have read about Cappuccino Blast restaurant, which I reviewed recently. It is indeed one of the most happening places in Lucknow. With three branches, they are almost everywhere in the city :-) 

Recently, on August 6 to be precise, Cappi's (yes, that's what the Cappuccino Blast lovers call it) Aishbagh hangout near Charbagh Railway station had two new additions to it. The restaurant not only added some wonderful non-vegetarian food to its menu, but also opened up its bar for those who like to raise a toast for all occasions... The launch was done in a grand way (truly cappi style) with a Ciroc Night, where the awesome combination of Ciroc Beverages and DJ Ravi gave everyone a night to remember. 

Your's truly and her bestie too were a part of the celebrations. And believe me guys, every inch of the place means a good time quite literally. Beautiful ambiance, good food, awesome cocktails and drinks and some great time.... what do you want more... 

What follows next are some clicks from the launch party, hosted by the gorgeous Aarti Vaid and also, a glimpse of the new bar area. Go check on.... 

Got this clicked.... although I am not a beer person ;-)
The decked up area with some fun elements in the lawn area....  

The Cappuccino Blast dining area

The party was indeed a happening one. Sample the name of the cocktails and drinks that were on the offering - Paan Cocktail, Caprioska, Masala Vodka, Tiramisu Martini, Frozen Margerita, Bull Frog, Lemonade Bailey Shots Rasgulla Shots, Tiramisu Ferrari Shots, Cucumber Shots and more.... These all are served daily and for the first time, Cappuccino Blast introduces Molecular Mixology. Now for the uninitiated, Molecular Mixology is a process of creating cocktails using equipment and techniques of molecular gastronomy, using gels, powders, foams, atomised sprays etc. These not only enhance the flavour and create varieties, but also make the drinks look enticing. 

The rooftop party area with the dance floor

Loved this decor..... 

Lucknow's import to Bollywood, actress Sumona Chakraborty who was there for friend's despite her dislocated shoulder. Love this girl.... 

With the gorgeous Aarti Vaid, owner and host.... 

The bar for the night.... 

Some more jazz.....

And what follows next are some clicks of the bar area which was thrown open. Lucknow bloggers had a gala time getting themselves clicked there in this new zone.... 

Met some of my lovely blogging pals from the city. This pretty lady is Saakshee Khosla from The Style Veda... 

The lady in black dress, Poorvi Naithani of Shades of Jade, is really an angel... 

And here's the entire gang.... with Tabinda Naaz of Faith in Red, Saakshee of Style Veda, Me, Poorvi of Shades of Jade and photographer Daniel Joseph... Missing ofcourse is bestie Naeem Chishti, who preferred staying behind the camera.... :-)

And this one is my favourite pic from the entire lot.... Perfectly for me.... :-) 

All Clicks by : Naeem Chishti 

So people.... If you want to enjoy a drink or two and savour some yummilicious food, you surely know one more place in Lucknow where good time is guaranteed. PEL congratulates Aarti Vaid for this new launch and also, highly recommends this place with loads of stars... 

Monday, 8 August 2016

Nourish your hair the natural way with Aroma Essential Hair Growth Blend

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By Tarry                                                                                
Hello pretty people 
Happy August... ok ok ... I know I a a week late in wishing you all... BUt, better late than never na....  ;-) 
Moving on, last two weeks have been really hectic. Both in terms of work and also, emotionally.... I am in middle of a major emotional turmoil and seriously can't see any way out. Guys, really need loads of good wishes from all of you. 

So as you all know, I have been trying out a few products from this brand, Aroma Essentials. I have already reviewed their deep pore cleanser mask and manjishtha face scrub. So apart from skin care, I also wanted to try their hair care products. I must say, despite a lot of abuse, my hair is my prized possession and I am in love with them. So whenever I get a chance to try products with less chemicals, I am all for them. While picking my choice of stuff, I was intrigued by their hair oil. Madhurima, the woman behind this amazing brand, has named it a Hair growth blend. It has a host of awesome herbs soaked in oil which makes it quite exotic. I have been using it quite regularly and it's just the right time for me to talk about it. 

Presenting my deets on  

Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend 

INR 350  (It is slightly expensive but worth every penny)

Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials

On the Outside
The Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend is a hair oil for sure. It is packed in a transparent plastic bottle with a flip open cap. There is a safety push down cap inside to prevent the product from leaking till you open it. The caps are tight and firm and the product does not leak, which makes it travel bag safe. The transparent bottle allows the lovely herbs to be seen which makes it looking quite exotic. The label is quite basic, but I miss the exoticness in it, which is ok. 

On the Inside 
The deep ochre colour oil has lovely herbs induced in it. It smells herbal, but not over the top. Slightly warming the oil between your fingers helps it to spread quite easily. Now when this oil was named hair growth blend, it was just the perfect idea. Because after approximately a month of use, I can see my hair getting slightly thicker. Also, the area around my hairline on the forehead too now has thicker hair. It also helps in taming the frizz and giving a smooth appearance to my dry hair. Overall, I must say I am really very impressed with this blend. Thumbs UP ....    

An amazing hair oil sans the harmful chemicals that does nourish the hair well. This is how I would call the Aroma Essentials Hair Growth Blend. With awesome herbs and essential oils, it is a beautiful blend that nourishes even your roots and does enhance the hair growth. And its aroma is really very calming. Go for it if you love your hair and want to love it more. 

PEL Rating 
I would love to rate it a 4.99 on 5.  

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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Enjoy some great world cuisine from Kava at Fairfield by Marriott

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By Tarry

Hello my lovely people

Happy weekend…. It’s a Friday and the weekend is here. Infact this weekend also marks the end of the month of July… Ahan!
When it comes to hospitality, Marriott is a name which everyone reckons with. From luxury hotels to business hotels, Marriot is a brand which offers the best of all segments. After opening their property Renaissance Marriott in Lucknow last year, the Marriott Group came up with its second property in the city with Fairfield by Marriott. A n awesome 4 star property, Fairfield is situated in Gomti Nagar area which is a buzzing location for the growing corporate city.

We recently dined at Fairfield’s wonderful restaurant, Kava. A fine dine restaurant, Kava offers the best of Indian and continental cuisine. It also has a beverage and mocktails cum cocktails counter which is operational all through the day. Interestingly, Kava not only has a public dining area, but also has a small private dining area for those who want to enjoy their dinner in peace and cozy atmosphere.

As an inaugural gift to the foodies of Lucknow, Kava is offering a buffet at INR 550 at lunch and dinner, which offers the best of Indian, Continental, Oriental and Salad spread. Me and my bestie and blog’s photographer Naeem Chishti got a chance to savour some awesome food filled with oodles of yumminess at Kava, prepared with a lot of love by Executive Chef Prashant Uttamrao Suryavanshi and his team.  What follows next is tons of photos that can guarantee to leave you drooling. So before moving further, please sit with a few tissues and also, a box of chips to satisfy that urge for the moment. 
And at the end of it all, hit KAVA to actually enjoy this spread.

Enjoy some great world cuisine from Kava 
at Fairfield by Marriott

 Kava is one of the best places in Lucknow if you want to enjoy a nice dinner with friends, families or even business associates. Situated after a brief walk in the lobby, the ambience of the restaurant makes it perfect for an eating out option. Lovely murals on the walls depicting nature, well lit interiors (Marriott properties are famous for natural light in their interiors) and ample sitting area makes Kava a must visit. The buffet comprises of a lovely mix of Indian, continental, Oriental and Salad spread. Chef Prashant has added his own special touch to a few dishes, thus making them must have for anyone who loves food.

The amazing Hot and Sour Soup... perfecto!

One of the best Focaccia bread in town!

Looks yummy, isn't it?

For starters, Kava is offering Soups like Cream of Aspargus, Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup and Mexican Chicken Soup. We tried the soups with an assortment of breads like oven fresh, Focaccia and Multi grain, which were just amazing. 

The chicken tikka... 

The amazingly awesome Murg Malai Tikka in the copper tandoor

These can be followed up with Paneer Achari Tikka, Vegetable Tempura, Lamb Seekh Kebab (Truly awesome), Chicken Tikka and Murg Malai Tikka (A food straight from the heaven’s). 
The Murg Malai Tikka is presented in an awesome way, where it comes piping hot in a copper tandoor and is directly served in your plate. Innovative indeed J   

Some cold salads for those who are diet conscious 

Penne ... an affair to remember.... 

For those who are diet conscious, Kava also offers a mix of salads. These include some amazing non-veg ones like Chicken Hawain Salad and Red Cabbage and Fish Salad, apart from the vegetarian ones.  Also, do try their pasta which is super yum. 

Our main course with Dal Makhani, Kadai Paneer and Gosht.... 

Look at the size of this naan..... WO!!!

 Amongst the main course, we tried Nihari Gosht, Dum Ka Murgh, Kadai Paneer (really soft), Subz Miloni, Punjab Dal Tadka (true flavour of Punjab), alongwith an assortment of breads. For the rice and biryani lovers, you can try the chicken and the veg biryani. 

Drooling..... !!!

My favourite Brownie Flambe... 

Hire Wire .... Brownie's on Fire!

No food is complete without dinner. Cream Brulee (a dessert with rich custard base topped with a layer of hard caramel), Shankar Bhog, Mango Phirni and assorted pastries are ready to cater to your sweet tooth. We tried the chef’s special Brownie Flambe (Check it’s video on my instagram) which was truly divine and sinfully amazing… Definitely a repeat for those brownie and chocolate cravings.

Some more clicks. Btw, the restaurant also has a chat counter and a beverages corner. 

Our awesome tangy drink.... 

Assistant Manager Fatima Abbas took us around the property, that offers the best in 4 star luxury for those coming to Lucknow. After enjoying the food, this round was definitely a must to get those calories burning :) 

Lovely lady Fatima Abbas who took us around... 

Me the poser :-)

The man behind the lens... 

Executive Chef Prashant (third from left) with his master craftsmen 

The craftsmen at work... 

Food lovers in Lucknow, or those coming to Lucknow. If you want to have a tummy full of great food and some amazing time, Kava at Fairfield by Marriott is your destination. And with the current buffet offer, it is the best indeed. Don’t miss it out…

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