Saturday, 22 April 2017

Get clean skin with Biotique Honey Gel face wash

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By Tarry

Hola my lovelies,

So the weathermen have predicted a good monsoon despite El Nino effect. Yeah! Hope it goes true. :-)
Ok. Coming to today's review. As most of you know I have weird combination skin. My skin is basically oil, with a super oily nose and super dry patches at some places. No C or T zone as such.
So for me, finding a suitable face wash is always a herculean task. Those made for oily skin leave my dry patches even more dry and those for normal to dry skin work like mad on the oily zone.
Recently, I chanced upon Biotique face washes. It's not that I never knew about them or hadn't seen them earlier, but had never tried them. My stint with their papaya facewash wasn't that great and I was kind of sceptical. Yet, I decided to take the plunge and got the Honey Gel variant. Honey works wonders for all types of skin so I decided to try this out.

Presenting my deets on

Biotique Honey Gel Foaming Face wash


INR 119 for 100 ml


Easily available in stores and ecommerce sites like Amazon and Nykaa

On the outside
Biotique has improved its packaging a lot. And this is a good packaging too. The squeeze tube has a green flip open cap. All major details are given on the packaging, which looks quite simple yet classy. However, the flip open cap can easily break making it a little difficult to travel with.

On the Inside

This is a gel like formulation, that claims to be soap or rather, sls free. The gel is light honey coloured and smells sweet. It lathers effectively and leaves the skin quite clean. It can clean basic makeup, but not waterproof makeup. A very less amount is needed, so it is quite economical as well.


The Biotique Honey Gel Face wash is a good everyday use face wash for all skin types, specially combination. It does leave the skin clean and refreshed and works on everyday kind of makeup too. However, people with extremely dry skin may not find it too helpful. Yet, if you have combination patches like me, this can be a good buy.

PEL Rating
4 out of 5

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Good food + good music ... JW Club is here for you

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By Tarry

Hello my sweeties...

Lucknow is really growing to be a food lovers delight. I remember when we shifted from the national capital to this state capital in 1999, there were hardly any good food joints around, bearing a few exceptions.
Circa 2016-17, a new place is opening almost every month. And new Lucknow, or the trans Gomti area, seems to be a hub. Good eh! Coz I see most of these new joints filled with people almost at any hour.
Recently, the nawabi city saw the opening of a new club and lounge. And your's truly got a chance to check the place out, much before it was thrown open for the janta. The club is in a shopping complex, hence has good parking space as well. It offers a mix of cuisine, detox mocktails, drinks and a small dance floor as well.

Presenting my deets on
JW Club at Shalimar Plaza, Faizabad Road

JW Club is situated at the top floor of Shalimar Eldee Plaza on Faizabad Road. Yes, the one that has big bazaar too. It is quite spacious and the interiors have been beautifully done up to give a good lounge feel. The seating is quite comfortable and one can enjoy a good time with friends or family here.

The Bar Area

Seating with TV screens

Since we were there majorly to check our their food (and later, the dance floor too), we decided to let the food do the talking. I tasted from an array of items including veg and non veg. Interestingly, besides having a bar, the club serves some awesome detox mocktails, made from fresh fruits, veggies and juices. I tried the Kiwi Love Melon. Made through Blend Method, it is a mix of Fresh Kiwi, Fresh melon, melon syrup, kiwi crush. The mocktail was like a smoothie and was really refreshing. Perfect for these summers.

Over to the food now. We had a good spread consisting of starters, main course and dessert too. Will be sharing about those which I tried.

Fried Onion Rings - A close cousin of our onion pakodas, this one has an interesting dip as an accompaniment.

Cheese Garlic Fries - French Fries with a twist. Twist comes with the garlic cheese on top, which gives it a different kick.

Lahsooni Tikka - My favourite for the day. Chicken tikkas with a strong garlic flavour that leaves a good after taste. Can be a good starter.

Banjara chicken - This was interesting one. The flavours were interesting and a bit tangy too.

Kebabs - They were neither too soft, not too hard. I found the flavour a little bland. The dip was interesting though.

Grilled wings with Red Wine Sauce - This was a slight disappoint for me. The taste wasn't that great.

Peprika Cottage Cheese Sizzler - This was interesting and had some good flavours.

Team JW Club

JW Club is certainly a good hangout place with good place and ambience. If you are looking to spend hot summers in a cool way, this is the place.

All photos by : Tarannum Manjul 

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Enjoy the wonders of Avocado for skin and hair with Nature's Absolute Avocado Oil

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By Tarry

Hola my lovelies,

Man! This heat is killing. And yes, it’s just April. Full blown summer is still away.

Coming back to reviews. Many people wrote to me saying they are missing out on product reviews on the blog. I know… since lot of other sections were becoming active. But the thing is that for reviews, I need to test the product for atleast 20 days to a month before I jot my thoughts on that. Have been testing a few products lately and here they come.

People who have been here regularly know my love for aromatherapy. And I always prefer neutral carrier oils which have their own benefits too. Looking to stock up my carrier oils, I came across this new brand with some nice options. Got some stuff and now, over to reviews.

Presenting my deets on

Nature’s Absolute Avocado Oil


INR 399 for 30 ml (special price of INR 259 at


Through their FB page and also, extensively available on Amazon.

On the outside

I am a sucker for good packaging. And Nature’s Absolute has really pretty packaging. Simple white box with an embossed illustration of avocado and all the details. This simple yet awesome packaging stole my heart. The oil comes in a glass bottle which may not be travel friendly, but cold pressed oils are best stored in dark, glass bottle to prevent contamination and increase shelf life. It has a normal screw cap and also, a pump which can be put on the bottle to get just the right amount. Great idea….

On the Inside

Nature’s Absolute Avocado Oil is one of the best cold pressed Avocado oils from any indi brand that I have used. It is a thick yellowish oil but not sticky at all. Smells quite mild which means no artificial perfumes. I have been using it regularly and find it really nice and soothing. Infact, it is one carrier oil that works perfectly with adding essential oils too. Love it.

Uses of the oil

I extensively use this Avocado Oil for my skin and hair. Sharing a few methods here.

For Dry, summer skin – Massage your hands and feet with this oil for a nice, deep moisturising effect. Avocados are rich in minerals and Vitamin E, which are really beneficial. You can add geranium essential oil or lavender essential oil to this for added benefits like extra hydration and also, taking care of summer patches.

For oily skin – Add a few drops of rosemary oil / lavender oil / lime oil and make a serum. Apply this on your skin at night by massaging just 2 to 3 drops. You will notice lesser breakouts with regular use.

For summer parched lips – This oil is your best bet. Apply on lips after mild exfoliation at night and morning for soft lips… better than any lip balm.

For hair – Add a few drops of ylang ylang essential oils to this oil, along with some curd and make a mask. This works amazingly for dry, frizzy and curly hair and also, hair damaged due to colouring or heat. I have tried this mask thrice and my hair has been thanking me J


The Nature’s Absolute Avocado Oil is wonderful oil and a magical one for dry skin and hair. The quality is really pure with no additives, which makes it wonderful. The oil is cold pressed to keep all the nutrients intact. A must have if you want to go natural and shun loads of chemicals.

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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Savour Italian delights at The Italian Appetito at Renaissance

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By Tarry

Hola lovelies… or should I say Ciao mio caro

Well if you are still thinking which language I am talking about, it’s Italian.. And as you read this post, you will know why…
It is said that Italians know the best when it comes to food. But surprisingly for us Indians, who love good food from any cuisine across the globe, Italian food is restricted to pizza (the American version), pasta and some times, focaccia breads. And though your’s truly loves Italian food (beyond the super damn cheese drooling pizzas) there are hardly any good options around.
So when I was invited for a preview session of ‘THE ITALIAN APPETITO’, the Italian food festival at L-14 in Renaissance Marriott Lucknow, I jumped with joy… Although my happiness was half lived since my bestie was out of town, which meant I had to go all alone. Yet, a chance to taste and understand some authentic Italian food was something which I did not wish to let go.

Presenting my deets on
The Italian Appetito at L-14 at Renaissance Marriott

I must say I was really astonished by the menu. 6 to 8 kinds of breads, 6 types of Grissini (cheese sticks) 6 types of Lavash and what not… Man! I’m impressed. Executive Sous Chef Balvinder Lubana, ably assisted by the Italian specialist Chef Santosh Pal have laid down some of the finest delicacies from the land of Leaning tower of Pisa, Piazza San Marco and ofcourse, Pizza. So let’s get started (with a bit of Italian flavouring too).

THE WINE : Tutto finisce a tarallucci e vino (it all ends with biscuits and wine)
Now no good Italian meal is complete without a good wine. The fest gives you a choice of best white and red wines to accompany your meal. And for non-drinkers, try an awesome mojito or, even a good coffee.

Cheese Platter : Come il cacio sui maccheroni (Like cheese on macaroni)
This is the best way to start the meal. Different types of cheese, fresh fruits and cheese biscuits. Just the perfect start to a gorgeous meal.
Focaccia Bread

Origano and herb Sacchiata bread

Sundried tomato and rosemary bread

olive bread

The Bread Basket : Pan di sudore, miglior sapore (Bread that comes out of sweat, tastes better)
This one will be a favourite with people of all ages. Italians are famous for their breads and this basket is no exception. Schiacciata, Focaccia, Multigrain, bread with olives and bread with sundried tomatoes and rosemary. Pure delight, fresh from the oven.

Dips : Non si vive di solo pane (One does not live by bread alone)
Why live on bread only when you have some half a dozen dips? Take your pick from saffron and cheese, sundried tomato with garlic and olive (my favourite), pesto, mustard and dill leaves.
Turkey Calzone

Veg Calzone

Calzone : Ho parlato con un calzone per quindici minuti prima di ieri sera mi sono reso conto che era solo un Pizza introverso (I talked to a calzone for fifteen minutes last night before I realized it was just an introverted pizza)
Now these were a surprise for me. Because we are so used to seeing calzones oozing with stuffing, while these were crunchy with just the right amount of filling. For the non-veg lovers, do try the turkey calzone.

Shrimp and Cherry tomatoes

Pizza : Mangia che ti passa (Eat and it will be over, you’ll feel better)
Yes, that’s what pizza makes you feel. Even on dull days, a good pizza can make up for everything. Hand rolled base with just the right amount of cheese and crispy toppings, these pizzas mean perfecto. The shrimp and cherry tomatoes one is a must for non-veg lovers, while veg lovers can opt for the classic margarita.

Pasiata Polo in Pesto Sauce Ravioli : conosco i miei polli (I know my chicken)
This was my favourite for sure. The tanginess was similar to a butter chicken, but the addition of some herbs made all the difference. I had this twice… ;-)

Baked Vegetable Lasagna : Non ti preoccupare che mangiano lasagne, sono gli italiani (Don't worry they eat lasagna, they are Italians)
I love my Lasagna, although I am not an Italian. And this one is pure love for me…. Perfectly baked, it’s best when hot… Like Italian men ;-)

Now for some more…. Quick bites…

Feta Cheese and Jalapeno Crockett  – Amazing…  Crocketts were really crispy from outside and perfectly soft from the inside. Try them with the dips.

Grilled Polenta Steak with Saffron Sauce – Worth trying. Btw, this is vegetarian.

And the best came in the end. The wonderful p√Ętissier, Chef Jitendra Upadhyay whips up some awesome Italian desserts for all. He whipped up an awesome Tiramisu for me with coffee and hazelnut, which was so sinful. Infact, I named it Death by Tiramisu’. Here’s a small video :

L to R : Chef Balvinder, Chef Jitendra and Chef Santosh

Mark the dates : 7th April to 16th April, dinner time.
Cost : INR 1350 plus taxes (it’s a Buffet)
Venue : L-14 at Renaissance Lucknow

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Say 'AHA' to beautiful skin with Aroma Essentials AHA mask

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By Tarry

Hello my dear lovelies…

This week, I would be talking majorly about one brand – Aroma Essentials. Those who are regular on PEL know that I love this brand a lot. Almost my entire skin care range is filled with products by Aroma Essentials. And guess what, I will soon be reviewing about an all natural cosmetic product from the brand too.

I am someone who loves to pamper herself. And for this pampering, I love to use face masks for that extra care. Recently, while browsing through their catalogue, I was really intrigued by this product that claimed to have natural AHA in it. Now we all know about the benefits of AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acids for our skin. This mask promises to give their goodness in a natural way.

I had recently shared a small video teaser on instagram about this mask. And now, its time for a full review.

Presenting my deets on

Aroma Essentials AHA Face Mask


INR 400 for 50 gms


Online through their FB page Aroma Essentials. Do connect there because the brand’s creator, Madhurima, makes it a point to customize products according skin type and need.

On the Outside

The Aroma Essentials AHA Face Mask comes in a cute jar with screw open cap. The mask is a dry, grainy paste and one needs to add a little water or rose water to apply it on the face. It has a strong herb-fruit mixed kind of a smell because of its ingredients. The packaging is travel friendly and good, but I just wish the brand gave a small spatula to bring out the product and maintain the hygiene as well.

 On the Inside

This is by far of the best face masks I have tried. It is suitable for all skin types (people with sensitive skin may do a patch test) and is easy to use. I keep it for around 15 minutes and although it does not dry off completely, I wash it off after a light massage. And the result is something we all love. My skin feels softer, dead skin cells and white heads are gone and there is a definite glow on the face. Infact, the glow looks similar to what one gets after a good facial. I love using this mask a night before some important function since the glow increases in a few hours after washing off. Definitely something that you would love to have.


I am in a super committed relationship now…. With this mask. This has suited my skin so well and gives me a visible glow. Infact, my friend asked me what is making my skin look so luminous. Everyone should try this AHA mask for sure. It is definitely A MUST HAVE PRODUCT.

PEL Rating

5 on 5.

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